Perfecting Pratas

29 April – 10 May 2024 Approx. 70 Mins KC Arts Centre
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The demonstration of the rehearsal process before the actual play was useful for both students and teachers to gain an insight to how the actors and crew prepare and get ready. It also helped students to understand how they can step inside the shoes of the characters to understand their motivations and intentions, aiding them in an in-depth analysis of the characters. Students were moved by the characters' performance and it was a good experience as they got to see the text come to life on stage.

Teacher Audience

When a director decides to stage Perfecting Pratas, he runs into a host of problems: the uncle he hired can’t remember his lines, the other young actor can’t get into character, and they’re missing the whole point of the play!

As the actors talk it out and work on different exercises to perfect their performance, the audience will get to learn about the fundamentals of drama including characterisation, intention, motivation and obstacles which will give a deeper understanding to the reading of Perfecting Pratas.



29 April – 10 May 2024

Show Timings

Monday – Friday: 3pm & 5pm


KC Arts Centre

Seating Capacity

370 Pax

Written by

Desmond Sim

Adapted & Directed by

Lim Shien Hian

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Education Resource Bonuses

  • Education Resource Pack
  • Post-show Q&A

Ticket Price

$50 exclude $3 ticket fee

$25 after Tote Board Subsidy (exclude $3 ticket fee)

Running Time

Approx 70 mins
(inclusive of 15 mins Q&A)

Behind The Scenes


The play was extremely educational and enjoyable! The narrative preamble to the play was a great introduction to dramaturgy for students and we really enjoyed how the many seemingly abstract notions of theatre was practically manifested for students to experience and bring back to the classroom in their further reading of the play.

Secondary School Teacher

It was well executed and the introduction before the play was extremely useful for those who are new to theatre and might not understand the workings of a play. The actors were professional and conveyed such brilliant emotions to highlight the conflict in the play and the themes behind it. Thank you for the wonderful production.

Secondary School Teacher

It was a wonderful opportunity to get the students excited about the text they are reading and going to a theatre to watch it come to life. From their positive reactions during the play, it is quite evident that it was an enjoyable experience. For some of them, it might be their first time watching a play at a theatre.

Secondary School Teacher

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