About Us

Building the Singapore Arts Culture of Tomorrow

At Sight Lines, we are passionate in equipping our performers of today and developing our audiences of tomorrow. Our journey in theatre began in 2012 with a focus in arts education and school outreach.

Since 2020, we have expanded to produce immersive theatrical experiences and have cemented ourselves as a theatrical entertainment company with a cutting-edge blend of gaming, theatre and technology.

The Story of Our Name

A sight line is a technical theatre term that refers to a clear line of sight between a spectator (audience) and the stage. It is a concept that underscores the importance of ensuring every audience member can witness the magic happening on stage, unencumbered by any barriers.

As a theatre company, we believe that the magic of theatre lies in its power to connect, to move, and to inspire. Just as a sight line ensures an unobstructed view, we, too, strive to break down barriers that separates us from our audience.

With every performance, we invite you, to join us on this journey. Together, we’ll explore the boundless potential of storytelling, celebrating the beauty of unobstructed connection.

People at Sight Lines

Derrick Chew

Artistic Director & Founder

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Chong Tze Chien

Creative Director

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Jon Cancio

Head, Education

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Krish Natarajan

Creative Collaborator

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Joanne Ho

Creative Collaborator

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Sight Lines is the embodiment of new “media-tainment” and hybrid approaches to live performances, cementing itself as a theatrical entertainment company offering a cutting edge blend of gaming, theatre and technology.

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