Musical Theatre Training Programme

By Joanne Ho
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About The Programme

Under the tutelage of award-winning playwright and director, Chong Tze Chien, this rigorous 6 months acting training programme prepares talents to not only survive the creative industry but to thrive in every audition, role and show.

Identify Your Qualities

Through monologues and individual scene-work, you will get to work with Tze Chien to discover your “type”, strengths, and weaknesses in a safe and constructive space. You will realise your qualities and work to apply it appropriately and productively in different working contexts.

Define & Refine Your Techniques

Building upon your type, Tze Chien will introduce frameworks to refine and structure your instincts for a more believable performance. You will learn the ability to tap into the emotional landscape of characters effectively and enrich your emotional sensitivity as a multifaceted actor.

About The Programme Director

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What Our Students Say

I really enjoyed the film and am really impressed. Watching the movie was a great experience and has definitely heightened my understanding of the play.

Secondary School Student

The show was a lively and engaging one, and it brought the text to life. We thoroughly enjoyed it as it spoke to the hearts of teenagers and adults alike. It’s definitely a great way for young minds to be educated of our heritage.

Secondary School Student

Course Outline

This entire training programme is designed to help you elevate your skillsets, plug your gaps and sharpen your acting instincts in the process. The main outcome of the programme is to equip you to become a multifaceted actor who will succeed in every audition, role and show.

The Actor And The Emotional Core

Understand and Identify Your Qualities.

Activating and deploying emotional memory
Physical embodiment of emotions and characters
Emotional conviction
Physical/vocal expression
Emotional truths of action and speech

Bonus Module
Personal Branding

Bonus Session by Derrick Chew, Artistic Director of Sight Lines

How to package and market yourself as a performer
How to work with your USP to stand out and differentiate yourself as a unique creative individual
How to build a following and create regular content on social media through a systematic and simple content creation grid
How to secure funding and sponsorships through a proven framework for funding and grant applications for your self-produced works

Who This Programme Is For

You should attend this programme if you:


Would like to refine your craft and enhance your script analysis techniques.


Are facing difficulties in elevating your skills/knowledge in your professional practice.


Would like to have the opportunity to meet like-minded peers and mentors.

Programme Details

Programme Details

8 January – 31 July 2024
(6 months)(No class for certain weeks, dates TBC)